Instructional Meritocracy

in ·struc ·tion ·al   mer ·i ·toc ·ra ·cy  n.  (2014) : A system in which the best instruction is advanced based on its own merit rather than the position or rank of the instructor.

Trinocity software promotes the advancement of the best instruction by applying ratings, reviews, and incentivization systems to peer-generated training environments.

Peer-to-Peer Corporate Training

Traditionally, corporate training has been either top down (executive driven) or outside in (consultant driven). Trinocity’s platform instead promotes cross-departmental knowledge sharing by rewarding employees for adding useful peer-to-peer training into the system. A bonus pool is earmarked to reward the best employee-generated training content, as determined by peer ratings and reviews. The best trainings and methods rise to the top and institutional knowledge is shared seamlessly.

Continuing Education (CE/CPE)

Due to the very nature of the “must-meet-minimum-requirements” model for certifying continuing education, the CE provided in most professions remains disengaging and ineffective. Trinocity provides professional associations with an educational marketplace platform to transform their CE channels into thriving communities. Members can rate and review the training content of CE providers and Associations provide the platform as a member benefit, even while gleaning revenue from training providers.

Crowdsourced Video Instruction

Instructional videos have proliferated online, but identifying high-quality training in a sea of amateur video remains difficult. Trinocity’s crowdsourcing platform for instructional video utilizes user reviews and performance-driven instructor payouts to incentivize quality. The platform can be also used by consumer brands to generate large amounts of instructional video in their area of specialty without the expense of professional production.

Use Case:

Certified Public Accountants are required to complete 40 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) each year. allows CPAs to find, rate and review any CPE course from any online provider, all in one place. This brings sorely needed transparency to the quality of online CPE and helps CPAs make better purchase decisions. A variety of state CPA Associations have also embedded the platform on their own sites, allowing member CPAs to find the very best CPE in their state.

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